As an ambassador volunteer you get to become the leader of one of our global communities, gaining all the support of the wider Remote Work Community organisation, and be an exciting part of the global remote work revolution.

What’s in it for you?

  • Take part in community events for free – dependent on your location this could be free drinks, food, yoga, surfing, co-working etc
  • Meet countless new people who will all want to get to know YOU!
  • Grow your own social media presence
  • Gain vital local business contacts and relationships, which may well lead to paid work in the future
  • Enhance your CV with community management, event organisation, and social media marketing experience (and more!)

What are your responsibilities?

  • Running your location’s online Slack community, through moderating comments and posting regularly 
  • Organising regular social meetups and other events
  • Growing your location’s business partners
  • Creating and posting social media content for your location on various Remote Work Community channels and your personal accounts
  • Being a valued representative of the Remote Work Community brand
  • A weekly time commitment of around 2hours 


  • You’ll be living in a rising remote working location for at least 3 months. If there isn’t an official Remote Work Community present at the moment you have the opportunity to set one up.
  • Comfortable leading and organising events
  • Passionate about creating and posting social media content (photos, videos, vlogs etc)
  • Good knowledge of the area you’ll be an ambassador for
  • Great level of English reading, writing, and speaking


  • Working remotely in the location you’ll be an ambassador for, meaning you understand the needs of your community members
  • Conversational skills in your location’s local language