Partner Program

As our partner you provide special local deals like packages, discounts etc. to members of our community for a better visibility.

What is in it for you?

✔️ Be visible in our Partner Section on Slack

✔️ Attract more Remote Workers for your business

All you have to do is…

  1. If you are accepted to our Partner Program, you will receive a sticker that you place at the entrance of your business. Members of the community will recognize in that way, that you are part of the Remote Work Community and that you might provide special deals for them.
  2. Include our logo and link on your website. Your website visitors will see that way, that you are part of the RemoteWorkCommunity. (Don’t have a website? No problem – you can apply anyway! 🙂 )

IMPORTANT: At the moment we are mostly only accepting LOCAL businesses and individuals.

RWC_Join_Corralejo (1)


It has to be something, that you are not providing to regular customers.
Make it catchy to stand out to our members.
Please provide the URL/link to the image.
Please provide the URL/link to the image.


Most frequent questions and answers

We don’t charge any fees for becomming a Partner of the Remote Work Community. We only request that you provide something valuable to our community members.

Yes! If you for any reason don’t want to be a Partner anymore, you can let us know anytime vi email to:

As soon as you get accepted as a Partner, we will tell you the location near by, where you can pick up the sticker.

There is no member ID-card or anything similar, that verifies that someone is a member of the Community. But if you want, you can ask someone who refers to the deal to show you the app. 🙂 

Please email: