Local Host program

As a Local Host you become the physical representation of the Remote Work Community in a location by being the central place for all nearby members to come to.

What is in it for you?
✔️ Drive business to your venue – specifically the high value remote workers who stay in a location for a while and have good income
✔️ Expand your online marketing presence through community engagement
✔️ Be able to collaborate with the Remote Work Community on new ideas in your location

All you have to do is…
  1. Host a weekly meetup (ideally with some kind of discounted offer to attract people)
  2. Display the Remote Work Community stickers in your venue, so that customers see right away that you are a Local Host
  3. Answer local questions in the online community

What the Remote Work Community will do for you…
  1. Ensure there is a regular supply of our members to your local business
  2. Advertise your business on our global community website


Email: alex@remoteworkcommunity.com