What is the difference between a Remote Worker, Digital Nomad, and Expat?

You’ve chosen to leave your old life behind and hit the road working remotely. You now work wherever there is an internet connection and you’re experiencing new locations, people, and adventures all the time. As part of making this huge life choice you’ve left existing structures behind, and arguably, your old identity.


To make matters even more confusing, you’re now faced with describing your new lifestyle to your old friends and family. Naturally, when pressed, a name for your new identity has to be formulated – but what do you think of?


‘Remote Workers’, ‘Digital Nomads’, ‘Expats’, and ‘Teleworkers’, all have their own unique place, and of course the word you choose to describe yourself is yours, however we’ve chosen our brand “Remote Work Community” because we want to be available to anyone who works remotely in a new location, no-matter what they do, and no-matter whether they’re in a new place for a couple of days or a couple of years. 


We want to be the glue between freelancers, entrepreneurs, and corporate super-heroes: mainly as long as they work remotely. So let’s explain a bit about why we didn’t choose some of the other identities to be directly part of our brand. 


We felt that ‘Digital Nomads’ were mainly used to describe those who stay sometimes just a few days before moving to the next location. Although a vitally important part of our membership, we felt this wasn’t for everyone, so this term didn’t quite sit right with us. 


Coming to ‘Expats’ and this group are simply defined as those who have moved outside of their native country. However, of course, we know a great deal of people who now desire to work remotely in a new location inside their native country. 


Then lastly, we come to ‘Teleworkers’ and that simply sounds like something out of the 90s ;).


Our community is for all kinds of ‘Remote Workers’ but we felt it important to explain why we chose the name we did, while also explaining that we are far from exclusionary if you identify as something else.


As we mentioned in our last post we’re location, nation, and profession neutral so if you need a way to meet as many new people as possible and call new places around the world home: we’re here.

Join us today to be part of the remote working revolution

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