Why The Remote Work Community Exists

The way people work is rapidly changing. Improved internet collaboration and changing work practices as a result of Covid-19 has led to remote working being an opportunity for countless more people.

Remote Work Community

For some, it no longer matters if you’re in San Francisco, London, Berlin, or The Canary Islands, Bali, or Barbados – a remote worker is just as productive and has the freedom to choose their living location, family commitments, social life, and hobbies without having to consider how a commute and static office will impact these. 


Remote working seems an idyllic lifestyle, and it is, but it comes with its own new unique set of challenges. Arriving in a new location without a sense of community can be incredibly daunting and lonely. 


We’ve all lived in places for a long time where strangers become family, confusing streets turn into one’s back yard, and the local shop becomes an indispensable part of a daily routine. When these changes occur it transforms a place you’re living, into a place to call home. 


The Remote Work Community exists to allow as many people as possible to call new places around the world home. We strive for people to create that sense of place and belonging as quickly as possible when they arrive in a new location. 


We’re location, nation, and profession neutral. If you love to travel, meet new people, and live new cultures, we’re here to help you on your own personal journey.

Join us today to be part of the remote working revolution

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